Chapter 19

August 25, 2008 in Daily Writing,Novels

So I got to Chapter 19 and everything went off the wire. I mean…yeah…ok. Let me start from the semi-beginning because I know so many folks are reading this that you forget a few things. Part, the First: Rather than start this new writing kick by doing something small, like a short story, I decided […]

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Usain Bolt

August 17, 2008 in Sports

Usain Bolt ran a 9.69 100-meter dash yesterday to break his own world record and win an Olympic gold medal. His run was so dominant that he essentially stopped running in the last 20 meters, and instead began his celebration. I admit I’ve become inured to the in-game celebration. It happens now, regardless. A guy […]

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Simple Goals

August 15, 2008 in Daily Writing

I have given myself a goal. This goal thing works for me. I don’t know why. I mean, I should be able to just sit down and write as a general course of action, but for me I’ve always needed a goal that I believed in to really make something stick. My goal came about […]

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Another Day, Another Chapter

August 8, 2008 in Daily Writing,Novels

I went back to “regular” work yesterday. Odd, I know. Take a week off Thursday-to-Thursday. It makes sense for me and my professional role at present, though, and sometimes you just have to say “what the hell.” Today will be day two. This is important because today also represents Morning Two, meaning my second straight […]

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Again It Begins

August 7, 2008 in Daily Writing,Novels

Square one has gotten to be a familiar spot. I finally came around to taking some time off work this past week, and faced with the truth of something I’ll call “free time” I decided to put up or shut-up. I thought about challenging myself with something daunting like in the old days–write a short […]

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