Pressing Forward

October 8, 2009 in Daily Writing,Novels

A few words a day makes a difference, though in truth this morning saw very few actual new words. My story is global in nature and takes place in a fairly short span of time, so time zones make a difference. Under the guidelines that one should write like mad when the fire is burning, […]

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October 3, 2009 in Daily Writing

Listening To: Laura Love, Led Zeppelin (I know, not a pair that would jump to mind) Good progress this morning. Probably only 1,000 words, but I needed to get some research done, too. These things sometimes take serious thinking and reading time, and this morning gave me that opportunity. I was recently reading something about […]

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October 1, 2009 in Daily Writing,Novels

Restructuring this novel has been interesting. I like its pace now, I like its transitions. I was thinking about this a couple days ago while I was mowing the yard. What was it that made me realize I hadn’t started in the right place to begin with? What was it that made me uncomfortable? It […]

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