Publishing Industry, Take II: Marketing Devices

July 26, 2010 in Business

I have only a few minutes today, so I’m going to stay roughly on plan and talk about the differences between physical books and ebooks as marketing devices. They are very different, and these differences seem to me to be important to us newish writers. The book itself (or I should say, the cover) is […]

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Publishing Industry, Take Two: eBook Readers

July 24, 2010 in Business

The topic today is physical books vs, ebook readers. I thought this was going to be a simple post, but it’s grown to a behemoth, so I’m actually going to split it up into a couple days worth of conversation. And so, as is my wont, let me back up a bit before I get […]

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Analog Picks Up “Ellipses…”

July 23, 2010 in Short Stories

Still need to deal with all the contractual stuff, so nothing is certain. But news from New York is that Analog wants to publish my novelette “Ellipses…” This is, as always, pretty good news.

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Chicago Survives Us

July 22, 2010 in Life

So, yeah. It’s been a few days, eh? Sorry about that again. Work has been a pain, and we’ve been traveling, and blah, blah, whah, whah… But, it’s all true. I swear it is. Here’s a picture I took of Chicago to prove it. While there we also saw several interesting things like the Cirque […]

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Diving Into the Wreck

July 16, 2010 in Other Writers

I’m reading Kris Rush’s “Diving Into the Wreck” now. I’m a bit over a third of the way through, and I have to say I’m really liking it. It’s been a nice, easy read with a compelling character and an intriguing story. Reminds me much of SF I read as a kid, but with a […]

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Four Stories Available on Smashwords

July 14, 2010 in Business,Short Stories

Lots of things happening lately…you can find four of my stories available on Smashwords.

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The Search, The Conversation

July 14, 2010 in Life

I was looking for my jump drive this morning. It was nowhere to be found. Lisa watched me with some reasonably self-contained humor as I determined that it was probably still at work. Run time up to later this morning. Here is a rough copy of an IM conversation we held. Ron: BTW, I found […]

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C-buz Interview Posted

July 14, 2010 in Media,Science

We’ve got a local site here in Columbus (Indiana, not Ohio) that focuses on creative people in and around the local area. They just posted an interview of me, complete with some nifty photos (including one of me and Albert Einstein!). And, if you’re interested in something a little more science-y, here’s news of some […]

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Making New From Old

July 11, 2010 in Daily Writing,Short Stories

I was listening to a Scientific American podcast the other day while at the health club, and they ran a story about Alaskan dogs that were part of the Iditarod. Among the facts that the story gave was that these dogs burn an incredible number of calories while participating in this race, some ridiculous number […]

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Best Western

July 10, 2010 in Other Writers,Short Stories

I’ve got another recommendation–this time it’s not SF at all. I stumbled upon PRI’s Selected Shorts podcast, which is a show that features various people reading short stories of some note to a live audience. Often I like the stories, sometimes I don’t. In this case, I quite enjoyed “Best Western“, a short story by […]

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Filters … Grrrrr

July 9, 2010 in Life

I enjoy work, and I support a corporate environment’s right and need to filter what their employees are allowed to see while at work. That’s all good. And I work at a place that has a very workable and professional policy toward the use of the Internet. I like that. I admit, however, that I […]

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July 8, 2010 in Daily Writing

I hear you. Enough about Picasso’s Cat and all that stuff. What about your actual progress? Are you becoming a slacker, or what? The answer is, well, uh … maybe a little. But it’s not bad, really it’s not. At least I don’t think it to be bad. Between work and travel and spending time […]

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July 6, 2010 in Other Writers

I’ve been derelict in my duty. I should note that my friend Lisa Silverthorne has three stories available on Smashwords, including one of my favorite of her stories–“Rena 733.” I can also vouch for “When Sparrows Fall,” which has a deep power to it. But, honestly, I really, really love “Rena 733.” Try one, I’m […]

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Losing Weight and Exercise

July 5, 2010 in Life

As a general rule I’ve been trying to keep this little blog mostly about my writing, with a few tangential commentaries or links to things I think have some interest to the types of people who might be interested in me. Not that I’m always right, or anything. But that’s the basic plan of the […]

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Picasso’s Cat & Other Stories is Now Available

July 3, 2010 in Business,Life

So I’ve been absent for a bit. Sorry about that. The real job has been particularly hectic recently, and I spent the past two days in Mexico with limited time and net access. The big news is that Picasso’s Cat and Other Stories is now available from The Merry Blacksmith Press. And if you order […]

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