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Here’s a spiffy video found on Mur Lafferty’s excellent I Should be Writing. Yes, Brigid/Lisa, you’ll like it … kind of.

The Book is Winning the Battle

I am clearly at the stage of writing on this book where the book feels like a better book than I am a writer. This is not unusual, of course. I’ve been here before. But this one feels particularly strong because the book’s structure is … ambitious.

Recently I had lunch with friend and fellow writer Matt Horgan where we shared various things going through our head, and I explained that I have tried to build the book in three different structures. I’ll not bore you with specifics, but it’s fair enough to say that I haven’t been taken with any of them. Oh, yes, they each seemed “right” at the time. But when I got into them they didn’t feel quite there, you know?

I’m plugging onward, though.

As I said above, I’ve been here before. The truth will reveal itself.



Sequencing Humans?

Ozzy Ozbourne: This says it all.

Back at the Dig

So I’ve been slowly-but-surely working on this new book of mine. It’s a difficult little puzzle for me–not quite a classic storyline. I have no idea if it’s commercial or not-commercial or what. All I know is that it’s an interesting puzzle, and it’s beginning to take some sort of shape that I kind of like.

It’s a strange mix, though, coming at me in bits and pieces. I have actually plotted it (if such a story line can actually be plotted) a couple times, but it keeps changing on me.

Such as this morning, when I sat down and came up with about three-hundred words that just don’t seem to fit anywhere. I decided to write these words because the opening sentence had been bugging me for two days, and I didn’t think I was going to be able to get another word out if I didn’t write this down.

The first sentence led to the second, and then the third, of course. But then I realized it wasn’t right, and went back to touch it up. And it was like that all morning. I can get a good 1,00-1,500 words a morning done when I’m moving, and I felt like I was moving most the morning, but I ended up with only the 300. But they are an intriguing 300. And now I’m left to wonder what they are. Is it the beginning of a separate short story, or is this character asking for entry into the book? Is it a different book?

I wonder if this is what an archaeologist feels like when he digs up a new bone?

A Fish Tank Full of Escher

Craig Reade at cxPulp gives Deca-Dad three and a half stars, and rates it one of the better stories in the December Analog. I’ll take it.

While you’re just kinda sitting there vegging, you might find it fun to check out these two great pieces of animation at They are like watching a fish tank full of Escher.

And Again…

More kind words about “Deca-Dad” in the December Analog, this time from Sarah Joynt-Borger at Tangent Online.

It’s always fun to see how others look at my work. [grin]

A Few Nice Words

I see a few nice words have rolled in regarding my story “Deca-Dad” in this month’s Analog.

Lois Tilton comments in Locus.

Aaron Pound provides his thoughts in his blog, Dreaming About Other Worlds

In addition, I should direct your attention to Mike Resnick’s blog post at Novelspot regarding his collaborations. It’s an interesting read, and, of course, it mentions yours truly. [grin]

Me and a Tree

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