Announcing Skyfox Publishing

March 24, 2014 in Business

Today I’m quite pleased to announce that from this time forward, I’ll occasionally be releasing work through Skyfox Publishing. This is a new independent publishing group I’ve created that will be focused on my own work, though I may well branch out a bit here and there. We shall see.

I would like to thank Jacob Schroeder for his work that led to the company’s spiffy logo. I’ll be adding genre description underneath that base logo as is appropriate on a work-by-work basis. For example, I expect you will see my first release next week—a baseball-related and mystical short story set in Japan—under the “fantasy” sub-label. The two of them might then look something like:

With any luck, we might see an update to John C. Bodin and my collaborative anthology Three Days in May (re-titled Four Days in May?) released in late April under the Science Fiction sub-label. That one might look a lot like:

This is all moving quite fast, and I’m learning a lot as I go, so you can expect considerable experimentation in this and many other aspects of the start-up over time.

And, yes, it’s a lot of fun.

A lot of work. But a lot of fun.



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March 26, 2014


March 26, 2014

Now the comments are working again, Ron. This is great news!

March 26, 2014

Glad the comments are working again. I’m excited about Skyfox. Gives me another outlet. :)

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