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Whew, for awhile there, I was wondering if this moment would ever come, but I’m so pleased to announce that Starcrash Book 6 of the Stealing the Sun series is now ready for pre-order! The book will be formally published December 1st (next week!), so grabbing it now makes sure it hits your reader the moment it’s available. Thanks so much to all of you who have been checking in with me. Knowing you wanted the next installment made the process so much more fun…and let me say that I needed that at times during this one.

To give you an idea of how book 6 has twisted and turned throughout time, I draw your attention to the fact that I originally reported that the series would be complete with this volume. It turns out that this was wrong.

Yes, you’re hearing correctly: it turns out that there’s a book 7 coming along shortly, probably April if my overall schedule holds firm.

Then, yes, that should be the end of the series. (He says with a sheepish grin that acknowledges that sometimes the characters know the truth better than the author). Anyway, there’s probably going to be more discussion of this stuff in these pages soon, but for now I’ll just note the facts and give you a look-see at the cover!


The sixth book of Stealing the Sun, a space based Science Fiction series from frequent Analog contributor and bestselling Amazon Dark Fantasy author Ron Collins.

Available for Preorder!

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First You Have To Survive

Torrance Black: wounded, alone, and adrift in deep space. His tiny shuttle holds short rations and scant fuel. Ahead lies his only chance—a planet too desolate to support life. At least that’s what the “experts” told him. But someone must have sent the signals that changed his life back when he was on Everguard.

Torrance believes. He’s always believed.

If he makes it to the planet he can finally learn if he was right.

But first, he has to survive.


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