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From Katniss Everdeen to Tyrion Lannister, James Bond to Lieutenant Dan (and maybe a few more!), Ron Collins brings his unique perspective built through thirty years of experience to examining some of the most iconic characters ever presented on the page. Along the way he helps writers build toolboxes they can use to create their own dazzling and memorable characters — all done with a personal touch illuminated by a life spent searching for characters that matter.

If you’re trying to write great characters, or simply want to celebrate them, too, this book is for you.

Home Run Enchanted

Book Covers - Home Run Enchanted

Strike thrice upon the bone-white plate, and you may call home some bloodthirsty fate.

Do you believe in fairies?

What about baseball magic?

Home Run Enchanted, the first book in the brand-new Fairies and Fastballs series by father-daughter team Ron and Brigid Collins, introduces readers to a world where the magic of baseball and the tricks of the fey meet up for a double-header like no other.


A space-based science fiction series from frequent Analog contributor and bestselling SF and dark fantasy author Ron Collins

Book Cover - STARFLIGHT, Stealing the Sun, Book One

“Ron Collins is one of our best hard science fiction writers”
– Robert J. Sawyer
Hugo and Nebula Award-Winning

“Great characters I cared about, a kick-ass plot with surprising twists, great techie details, and a powerful story. Pick up Starburst. I guarantee you won’t set it down until you’ve read every last word.”

Kristine Kathryn Rusch
Hugo Award-winning author of the Diving Universe

“Ron Collins covers the spectrum with clear prose, compelling characters and settings, and a bright imagination.”

Kevin J. Anderson, New York Times bestselling author of ETERNITY’S MIND

“STARCLASH proves once again that Ron Collins is a master of the science fiction adventure story-not the crazy stuff you remember from the pulps, but the kind of interstellar adventure that has believable characters, plotting that makes sense, and a future that rings true.”

Mike Resnick, Hugo Award-winning author of Kirinyaga

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